The OoI luminous handrail represents an innovative and functional solution in the architectural and design context.

Made of stainless steel, this structural support is commonly found along stairs, corridors and in various internal and external environments. Its distinctive feature lies in the integrated LED lights, designed to offer extra illumination, facilitating people's visibility at night or in spaces with limited lighting. This combination of functionality and aesthetics offers a significant contribution to the safety and elegance of the environments in which it is installed.

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Don't grope in the dark...


    The light handrail can be designed to create eye-catching and decorative lighting. It can be used to add a touch of style and atmosphere to a room.


    Bright handrail lights provide supplemental light that helps people safely navigate down stairs or hallways, especially in low-light conditions.


    In some applications, the illuminated handrail can be used to indicate the path to follow, for example, in commercial or hospital environments.


    It helps improve visibility at night and reduces the risk of trips or falls. The OOI Luminous Handrail is a versatile solution that combines aesthetics and utility.

Don't grope in the dark

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