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Divine light

Origami of light, paper origami are transformed into enveloping garments to embellish our angels. They are the Luciferian Angels, between art and clouds, clouds and art. In the background the sky, in the hair archaic suggestions that recall dreamlike atmospheres: Raphael, Botticelli, Tiepolo ... the greats of the past act as witnesses with courtly painting. Fly lightly in the vibrant air, fly among us.

“Our eyes do not see, but we open our hearts to the intellect. Thus we will discover the light”.

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books of light and art

The Force of Light

Lucifer's homage to Alessandro CRUTO
Retracing the life of Alessandro Cruto, one aspect clearly strikes us: passion. He studied physics and chemistry as a self-taught person, abandoned the safe profession of a master builder, struggled with financial difficulties, built a laboratory himself, inspired men to believe in his abilities and finance him. The Lucifero exhibition aims to be a tribute to this passion. Shared.

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books about light and art

Creative Instances

From the baroque walls of Villa Favetti, from the floating background of fragrant hills, here is what we want to tell about... Of dreams and words, of colored powders and glazes.

Of fabrics, of zinc, of brass, and of looks.

Of hands, of silks, of metal mesh and frescoed walls, of bodies shaped by rhythmic fingers.

And of laughter, effort, of art and light, of light that exalts, of light that leaps, from the eyes to the ears, a subtle buzz, a faint hint, of intertwined hands, sovereign of doing.

The villa tells the story... so enter into the realm of fantasy that illuminates, of lightning that, darting, exalts everything and encloses everything.

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Sapere che le nostre lampade illuminano la vostra vita quotidiana per noi è motivo di orgoglio.