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Who we are

Lucifero Illuminazione founded in 1990, from the creative mind of Roberto Cutuli and the constructive ingenuity of Franco Tamion.

Each piece, one of a kind, combines creativity and functionality, reflecting a union between art and design. These lamps, which have become style icons, have traveled the world, adorning spaces with a distinctive character.

With an eye on sustainability, Lucifero continues to explore new techniques and materials, always staying one step ahead in the art of lighting. Their story is a luminous journey, which continues to illuminate the path of innovation and aesthetics

Sin according to Lucifer

For the 2009 collection, Lucifero chooses the ambiguity of being androgynous.

Glimmers of Light in the East

For the 2007 Collection Lucifero is inspired by the enchanted atmospheres of the East.

The subtle balance of Life

Prosperous Models for Lamps who know how to "Dare".

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Sapere che le nostre lampade illuminano la vostra vita quotidiana per noi è motivo di orgoglio.