Lavazza Store London


Project by Daniele Sigalot
Created and illuminated by Lucifero Inluminazione for Lavazza.

Sculpture more than 4 meters high where 398 Carmencita coffee pots were used.

This sculpture, created for Lavazza and installed in their store in London, is a dynamic and sparkling tribute to the art of coffee. Each element resembles a cup of coffee, placed in a dizzying column that rises towards the sky, symbolizing the energy and liveliness that coffee brings to people's lives. It is a combination of design and modernity, which reflects the innovation and elegance of the Lavazza brand.

Hub+Arts Centre

OGR | Turin hub

Lamps/sculptures 4,500 mm high were created, inspired by the currents of Futurism, Bauhaus and Pop Art.

Pendant lamps with a diameter of 1,600 mm with Fiberglass Spheres with a diameter of 1,200 mm with double lighting system: RGB LEDs for the sphere and white LEDs arranged around the metal ring equipped with DALI control.

Metal faces inspired by the futurist movement created by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti are placed on the walls adjacent to the Social Table.

The lamps fixed to the walls of the entire structure have a metal stem, a fabric lampshade coupled with acrylic material and a light source with LED technology.


Big Brother VIP

Female Vanity illuminates the curiosity of Big Brother VIP.

Big Brother VIP is the VIP version of Big Brother. The cast is made up of characters known to the general public who share their daily lives under the same roof, spied on 24 hours a day by cameras. Alfonso Signorini hosts the program with Wanda Nara and Pupo.

Lucifer Lighting with the lamps from the UpSetDeSign collection! Lights up and colors the 2020 Edition.


Po Park


Po Park


Po Park


J Hotel

Lucifer Illuminates the J | Hotel with an ad hoc project inspired by the elusive lines of Vassily Kandinsky with a unique installation

Geometric lines meet the light in a changing balance.

Double hemisphere in fiberglass with a diameter of 580 mm, with a gold-coloured interior with a wrinkled relief effect and LED light source.

The adjustability of the spheres allows you to play with shadows and paint the surrounding environment with light to create a visual effect with a strong emotional impact.



We created OIKU, a pendant chandelier made of metal with external bands painted black with epoxy powder and internal details in gold painted resin.

Cylinder lighting body in black painted metal with epoxy powder and 60W 4,800 LUMEN LED light source.


Alba Theatre

This chandelier is not just lighting, it is a work of art that adds a touch of splendor that adds a touch of splendor to the timeless charm of the Alba Theatre.


Bra Theatre

The chandelier of the Teatro di Bra, an elegant luminous sculpture, suspended like a jewel from the ceiling, stands as a silent guardian of stories represented under its glow, transforming each show into a magical and unforgettable experience.

Private garden


When you turn it on, the Stars turn red with envy.

Painted Steel Structure
Steel ring ø850 mm
Pipe ø22 mm height 2,850 mm

Private garden


Each "Work" has two faces, one for its own time and one for the future.

Outdoor lamp with double female figure with rusty metal structure, 3,700 mm high with details printed on aluminum (eye, mouth, earring)

Fiberglass lampshade ø 1,200 mm, height 1,300 mm.
4x5W 4,000° K LED headlights with polycarbonate globe covered inside with fiberglass and 17 W E27 4,000° K lamp, IP65.

Private garden

I have to

An explosion of flowers and colours.

Outdoor lamp with rusty metal structure, 2,200 mm high

Fiberglass lampshade with inclined cut ø 700 mm, ø 270 mm, height 770 mm with ø 300 mm polycarbonate globe inside covered with fiberglass and 17 W E27 3,000° K LED lamp, IP65.

National Historical Museum of Artillery

Leonardo the faces of genius

Lucifero Illuminazione pays homage to the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci with two light installations dedicated to La Gioconda "Mona Lisa" and La Belle Ferroniere.

The faces of the genius do not cease to be an eternal homage to his aspects, also for the traits that made Leonardo a superior or inferior individual, but certainly a special spirit. Because in Leonardo's universe there is always something more than what our eyes see.

Private Villa in Riyadh

Clouds | Saudi Arabia

Light as air, a suspended cloud of light plays with the colors of the rainbow.

Lucifer illuminates a private villa in Riyadh with a project created ad hoc in collaboration with Studio 65, inspired by the Clouds with a unique installation.

Three large clouds 8 meters long, 2 meters high and 4 meters deep, suspended 15 meters high to illuminate a large indoor swimming pool.

Lighting made with LED technology with RGB mode.

Private Villa in Qatar

Great tit

A flight of lights 36 meters high.

Lucifero Illuminazione creates a luminous suspension inspired by the historic "Cinciallegra" for ARREDAESSE installed in Doha, Qatar.

A one-of-a-kind Custom Project in the world, a suspension that extends 36 meters high and 4 meters wide, 10 brushed metal discs with a diameter of 1 meter each. Each disc with 24 2.5 meter copper stems hand fashioned on site.

Cruise ships

Costa Crociere

The Creativity of Lucifer Illumination crosses the Oceans on the Ships of the Coast

Lucifero Illuminazione studies, designs and creates in collaboration with Studio Cervi & Rossi a collection of table lamps for Costa Crociere, you can admire them on the Costa Pacifica and Costa Deliziosa.

Costa Crociere has commissioned Lucifero Illuminazione to create nr. 33 lamps to be installed inside the Flamingo Casino of the Costa Pacifica ship, flagship of the Costa Crociere fleet inaugurated on 5 June 2009 together with the Costa Luminosa ship in an event entered into the Guinness World Record 2009.

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