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A lamp that illuminates your space with feminine elegance.

Lucifero Illuminazione creates the VANITY OVERSIZE collection

The VANITY OVERSIZE floor lamp collection includes 4 unique creations inspired by the intriguing beauty of the woman who illuminates with radiant femininity.

Discover the magic of our fantastic 240 cm high VANITY OVERSIZE lamps in birch wood, printed with water colors that give them a unique appearance. The lamps represent elegant and charming female figures, which add a touch of grace and beauty to the surrounding environment.

Thanks to the double WHITE LED lighting 3,000° K - 2,452 lm (in the lampshade) which you can turn on by bringing your hand closer and caressing the neck through a proximity sensor, it guarantees a bright and enveloping light and an RGB LED STRIP (on the back) to create the perfect atmosphere for every moment, switching from bright and eye-catching colors to softer and more relaxing shades, which can be conveniently controlled via remote control or directly from your smartphone.

Add a touch of style and elegance to your home with these one-of-a-kind lamps

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